We received quite a bit of feedback on this post from Sept. 2013. Just in case you missed it, we decided to reprint.


Selecting an online printing company to support your business is a critical choice, and one worth considering. In addition to considering quality, cost, and speed of a printing project, there is the benefit of identifying a trusted partner to help propel your business forward.

As with any business decision, when considering partnering with an online printing company, it is critical to find the right fit for your business.

Print buying is a time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming task. You’re busy running your business and time is money. Partnering with an online printing service should provide the following:

• Free Samples for quality inspection
• Turnaround Times
• Instant estimates and proofing
• Multiple file formatting preparation and submission details
• Flexible delivery options
• Graphic Design support if required

Synergy Printing partners with businesses who value the elimination of stress and worry when it comes to printing, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Synergy specializes in digital printing for small to medium sized print runs.

Are you considering partnering with an online printing company?
If so, consider Synergy. Your business is worth it.