45Designers are creative beings. Although every designer possesses a unique signature ingrained in their individual style, we seek and absorb inspiration from all around us. Exposure to creative expressions in the things we see, read, and even hear, awakens our passion and strengthens us as artists. Most critical of ourselves, we seek perfection in what we create. As graphic designers, perfection ultimately equates to effectiveness. Achieving effective design requires these 4 essentials – creativity, functionality, consistency, and balance.

Creativity. As graphic designers, creative imagination and original ideas involve more than the visual artwork. Effective design requires equally creative messaging to entice and educate the consumer.

Functionality. The purpose of any marketing initiative is to entice, educate and engage. As graphic designers, we must consider what is best suited to serve this purpose effectively. Marketing efforts involve a number of touch points, print and online. Effective design is functional throughout the various media platforms.

Consistency. Branding and marketing efforts are about connecting and communicating with the target. Consistency in visual and verbal representation is critical to this effort. Effective design ensures a consistent brand presence.

Balance. Too much of anything can be harmful. Sensory overload in the visuals, message, or both can diminish the effectiveness of your marketing effort. A graphic designer’s rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Effective design strikes the perfect balance every time.

Adhering to the essentials of effective design strengthens us as designers, and empowers our quest for perfection.

Let your design brilliance shine, and get to work!