Typography f812349dc4e7cfbad0e2d13e1b8600a1simply stated, is art in the form strategically placed lettering. I often admire the whimsical, yet simplistic beauty of typography in design. Hand lettering artist Aurelie Maron produced an beautiful example of creative graphic design utilizing only text, in her Everyday Creative collection on Behance.

Graphic designers respect and value every element of design. Whether utilized as the lead or support element within the design, we understand that type selection is a critical component. With developers creating and introducing new fonts daily, the possibilities of incorporating fresh typographic choices into our designs become limitless. The key to successful execution of course is balance. Striking that perfect balance of  beauty and function, that makes great design. Kudos to Aurelie – I am in complete agreement, “Creativity is a Muscle.”

Flex that creative genius with the art of typography, and get to work!