Is your brand interesting? This may seem like a silly question to ask. Who doesn’t think their brand is interesting, right? But, when you’re evaluating your brand and the level of energy it has, it’s not all about your perception; it is how others see you, particularly your customers. When you choose to purchase a new product that you’ve never had before, what prompted you to make the purchase? Curiosity, of course, but the brand had to interest you in some way. So, first and foremost, your brand needs to evoke curiosity.

How do you evoke curiosity about your brand?

Create suspense. Suspense creates anticipation. You don’t want to give it all away from the start. By creating suspense, you arise the curiosity of your audience and leave them hanging on for more. When you have successfully done this, you have a captive audience to share your amazing brand with.

Evoke emotion. When you are able to trigger emotion, it creates interest and a natural curiosity. Emotional branding connects with your customers beyond a product or service. It touches their heart and the things they hold dear, from civic interests to even political affiliations. It’s usually deep and very personal. It creates a curiosity about the vision and mission behind the brand.

Make a promise. If you are looking to make your brand more interesting and arise curiosity, make a promise to your customers. Give them something to expect or hold on to. This not only creates interest but loyalty which will further fuel the energy of your brand.

As a quick recap, an interesting brand will create energy that will fuel growth for your business. Your customers will naturally gravitate toward something that is interesting and piques their curiosity.

The perfect storm of an energetic brand is interest, engagement and passion. When your customers observe these three qualities in your brand, they are going to be attracted to what you’re doing. As you evaluate your brand and your messaging, ask yourself if it has energy, does it encapsulate these three main qualities.

Are you engaging your audience? A great brand pulls others into what they are doing to create an environment that people naturally just want to be a part of. When your customers are actively engaged in your brand, they will endorse it. How are you engaging your customers in your branding?

Passion is the glue that holds a business together. Your customers will naturally be drawn to your passion which will create a higher level of engagement.

When you combine the trifecta of these three qualities, your brand will exude an energy that will radiate to your customers. Energize your brand today. Make it interesting, passionate and engaging.