Leaping into the work field is hard enough, Visual Appeal LLC here to give you a jump start on preparing for internships and entry level jobs, let’s hop in. Visual Appeal is not only here to help you energize your message but help you create your statement piece! Let’s talk about the soft skills you’ll need to help you navigate through the workplace.  

Let’s start by one, defining and two distinguishing the difference between hard and soft skills. This article is to enlighten readers and myself, for I had just previously heard of the term and business gospel last week from a work friend. I’m late, I’m aware but perhaps we can play catch up together.

Hard skills have to do solely with your completion of the task your employer assigned to you. Machines eventually run out of fuel, the same goes for work ethic at times. In the workplace, one can’t solely rely on the work they produce. Though I’m sure it’s greatly appreciated by your employer it should be duly noted that if you operate like a computing system you are more than likely to crash, what will you rely on then?

Here are some soft skills to help you navigate through the game of hardball that is the cooperate working world.

Communication Skills, you applied for the job, you asked to be hired, which is the first form of communication, so congrats you passed phase one. But just because you presented yourself successfully to your employer doesn’t mean it’s not important to continue the impression.

Body language and nonverbal communication are important, sometimes as we all know it’s not what you say but how you say it. This term is not directly associated with your vocal cords but more so how you carry yourself. Remember this, Body language could write a book of its own if you let it, so be mindful.

Listening skills, it’s often times when we are having a conversation, we’re constantly generating what our response will be before the question is directed towards us. If your thoughts were to be projected out loud it would be considered rude, so why interrupt with your mind? Never thought about it like that huh? Well, it’s true and do not worry we all do it. In reality when we are constantly thinking or forming premeditated responses we are not actively listening to the conversation at hand. Just how we silence our cell phones at AMC lets silence our thoughts and allow others to talk.

Persuasion is not only believing or trying to convince others it’s about convincing yourself. How are audience members supposed to believe you if you don’t even believe in what you’re saying? Which should be noted is not necessarily agreeing.

Do you ever wonder why actors drive themselves insane? It’s due to the fact that they put their heart, soul, and energy into the experience they are displaying on the screen. As they say, life is a movie so believe in your role and your story will do wonders.

Adaptability, the best way to successfully navigate through your company of choice is to understand the importance of versatility, the art of adapting is crucial for your survival in the workplace and life overall. It is important to understand that shifts in climate go beyond humanity weathering a desert storm. For companies are constantly evolving so it’s important to stay prepared rain or shine, keep an umbrella handy at all times.

Though things can get a little foggy at times and you may not know which way to go, just remember this… you don’t know it all! So, don’t be scared to ask for directions. For one to be resourceful (another soft skill) you must use the resources around you, which is most likely people since we are discussing the workplace. Remember the willingness to learn is key.

At times, new hires feel as though since they secured their spot within a company because of their degree, that there is no room for input. Leading them to refuse further teaching from employers and experienced colleagues. Which brings us to our next important soft skill which is not only the willingness to learn but the value of education. When in the workplace not many uphold the desire to learn, well you should. Treat each work day as if it’s the first day of middle school. Every day is the opportunity to not only learn something new but the chance to master yet another skill, the possibilities could be endless.

Energy is everything, you may not be in charge of your pay grade or your schedule but one thing you are in full control over is the energy you give out. Which in most cases will control the response and if not, you are in control of how you react to it!

A positive attitude is the next soft skill you should master. If you are not enthusiastic in your message, who’s going to believe you? You may not love the job you have but love what you do, it will make all the difference.

Conducting yourself is key to being the orchestrator in your life, control not only the high notes but the lows, and I promise the song will be lovely, plus your job will appreciate the melody, you just work on mastering the keys.

Let’s pull in some strings and tie this article up with the last soft skills you need to know. There is no “I” in team and there is also no “I” in employment, catch my drift? Teamwork is a fundamental factor in any successful company or employee. It’s important to practice emotional intelligence when working within a company. Sometimes it’s not directly associated with understanding in order to empathize with those you interact with. In order to connect successfully with people, you come across one must first practice self-awareness sometimes it’s you, not all the time but sometimes. Keeping a job doesn’t necessarily relate to the work you produce but the interpersonal relationships you create. Loyalty goes a long way, “If you want to go fast go alone if you want to far go together”. If you want to test the limits of your company partnership and loyalty would be the 5 points you get on the exam for writing your name. So, grab a pen or pencil, make a mental note of these soft skills and let’s get to work.

Visual Appeal LLC here to help you and your company energize your message on a tip at a time.